Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who, Me?

The second chapter is encouraging the reader to think about what success and sophistication look like to you. The assignment for this chapter is to write a list of 25 things that represent sophistication and success. Now, I will preface this list with saying that the author's goal in life of success and sophistication is very different than mine. Also, there are sometimes things I think that represent success and sophistication, but they are not what I want for myself. Some examples of things that the author thinks of is red nail polish and leather gloves. Here is my list:

1. A comfortable and stylish pair of shoes that last
2. Going to an esthetician for skincare
3. Being physically healthy
4. Eating all organically (If only I lived 100 years ago!!)
5. Eating a variety of food dishes
6. Owning only clothing that fits me and is not faded (and I wear it all)
7. The ability to help others financially
8. Owning a home
9. Having my home reflect who I am
10. Not allowing things to add stress to life that I am not in control of
11. Spontaneously going on a trip
12. Having a PhD (Funny that last time my list said 'having a master's degree'. Now that I have it, I guess it doesn't seem so successful.)
13. Having your own business that doesn't keep you tied down
14. Establishing and continuing your own traditions
15. Planting and working your own garden
16. Having a calming presence (sophistication)
17. Volunteering for the benefit of others
18. Donating money to charities that make an impact
19. Having kids that reflect good character
20. Being a published author (...of my own book. I was an editor of curriculum, so technically, I'm published. :-)
21. Having a kind and supportive husband as my equal (luckily I have that)
22. Owning land
23. Living a long and healthy life
24. Paying for my children's college
25. Owning something worth taking to The Antique Roadshow :-)

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  1. I love that you are doing this. I need to borrow this book!