Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chapter 1: Setting Off

This chapter is simply setting off into this adventure of creativity. The assignment for this chapter is to spend 30 minutes cutting out pictures from magazines that appeal to you in some way. Then spend the next 30 minutes cutting and pasting them onto poster board. They may cause different reactions like surprise, delight, or even alarm. I really didn't choose any that caused alarm, but that may just reflect the type of magazines I buy. This collection of pictures definitely reflects my craving for nature and natural foods-everything but the chocolate mess in the upper right hand corner. :-) You can also tell how much I crave serenity and relaxation. I'm rarely the type who likes to go to a dance party. I'd rather get a massage or go to the arboretum. Unfortunately, during this time of year, it's impossible to spend much time in nature in Texas because of those 100+ degree temperatures. Can't wait for the temps to drop so I can once again spend a little time outside. This activity helped remind me of who I am and what I enjoy.

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